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Amazing Kids Homework Club & Tuition Centre

offers a wide variety of educational support programmes to students from age 5 onwards. Tuition services are provided after school, weekends and during school holidays in English…

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Amazing Foundation Tuition focus has been set up since 2008 is set up to bolster and energize our students from age 5 or more to fire up, proceed and achieve their predetermination in life.
At our Amazing Foundation Homework Club, we boost their learning through a customized and Practice-Based approach for every youngster. Assessment is completed on individual student’s learning as this empower our tutors to adequately diagnose, challenge and strengthen their learning.
Although learning takes place in the classroom just like the school, we recognise that children might be at different levels of learning in their schools. Our method of operation therefore is there to furnish them with bunches of continuous practices to support and improve their learning and we maintain the confidence that the students will move to the next phase of enhanced learning and achievement is certain.

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Our purpose is to provide a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves and thrive; while acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve